नेशनलमेडिकलआयोग (NMC) का बड़ा बयान अब आयुष मंत्रालय में भी एमबीबीएस के छात्र कर सकेंगे इंटरनशिप। छात्र, यूनानी, होम्योपैथी,, आयुर्वेद आदि मे भी एक सप्ताह ट्रेनिंग के बाद कर सकेंगे इंटर्न्स। draft further says that the minimum duration the Compulsory Rotating Internship may be extended appropriately depending upon insufficient period of attendance, unsatisfactory acquisition of required competence, unsuccessful qualification on assessment and any exigency.

The draft also said the duration of the Internship may be curtailed or temporarily suspended or even withdrawn or cancelled at any time by the institution or the university according to prevailing rules/regulations of the relevant authority provided